In-House Training

In-House Project Management Training

Perfect Project Planning understands that it is not always possible to get the Project Management team out of the office, or it may be more efficient for training to be conducted in-house. The Perfect Project Planning Advanced Project Management training course can now be completed at your business.

The course, over four half-day sessions, is carefully designed and structured to be fast paced and intensive. Short and sharp exercises are used within Microsoft PROJECT to teach the principles of good project management. Each exercise is designed to demonstrate a specific topic or issue, mainly those of which are at the source of most of the difficulties that users typically encounter when using MS PROJECT. The exercises start off fairly easy and then progressively graduate to more difficult and more demanding topics and issues.

Along the way, we provide strong recommendations about what should be done, and also what should not be done, and why. We make a clear distinction between best and worst practices, and will leave you with explanatory notes for you to refer to.

During the training you can expect:

  • Practice, repetition and reinforcement of the procedures.
  • Strong emphasis on the foundation concepts and principles, such as the Critical Path Method, and on the objectives and purposes of using MS PROJECT for project planning.
  • Hints, tips and tricks, that we use every day, to help your trainees to become fast, confident and proficient.

We answer any question and address any topic or issue of particular interest that may be raised by the trainees. In fact we actively encourage discussion and participation in an informal workshop setting. The benefit of completing our course in-house is the availability of the unique problems that your Project Management team will encounter day to day.

We can organise a course structure that suits your team and availability. Get in touch with us at Perfect Project Planning to discuss your needs and we can tailor a program to fit in.