Course Enrolment – Next Course Dates

The next PPP Advanced Project Management Course starts Saturday 07/01/2017, 09:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Small class sizes | Hands on training

Class sizes are small and focus on hands on training in a workshop setting.


Over four Saturday morning classes, with expert guidance, trainees will learn and practice the application of the essential concepts and principles of the CRITICAL PATH METHOD using MICROSOFT PROJECT. Other associated methods and software tools for planning and estimating are also introduced. This course emphasises fluency and proficiency in:

  • Planning, Tracking and Analysis of all kinds of Projects.
  • Application of the CRITICAL PATH METHOD and use of MICROSOFT PROJECT 2003/2007/2010 to plan, track, manage and control projects within time and cost constraints to achieve specific, defined project objectives and targets.
  • Recognise and appreciate the fundamental relationships between Time, Cost and Scope in all projects
  • Identify, organise and manage project Tasks and Milestones within a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Understand and apply theCRITICAL PATH METHOD, appreciate the significance of the Critical Path
  • Organise the Task sequence and the network of Predecessor/Successor relationships
  • Identify the Critical Path and Critical Tasks and use this information productively for informed decision making
  • Use consolidated project plans and Resource Pools to plan multiple inter-related and competing projects
  • Create and define Labour and Material type Resources, with costs, and assign them to Tasks
  • Estimate project costs, determine and analyse cash flow, design progress claim schedules
  • Create and Assign Project, Task and Resource Calendars, define working days and working hours
  • Level Resources to resolve over-allocation and determine Resource requirements, schedule Tasks accordingly
  • Compare actual progress with the original project plan, measure progress and performance
  • Monitor and Track progress, update and re-schedule Tasks and Resources
  • Account for and plan for changes in circumstances and Project Scope, Variations, Extensions of Time
  • Produce a range of informative, timely Reports; customise, present and communicate essential project information
  • Use a range of indicators, including Earned Value, to measure and control project performance


THE RESULT is a clear, well organized project plan that makes it easy to:

  • Present essential information to clients, management, sub-contractors, suppliers and staff
  • Accurately plan, coordinate, monitor, record, track, control and report progress and performance
  • Evaluate, assess, analyse and optimise all aspects of a project plan

THE BENEFITS of the right amount of the right kind of planning at the right time are numerous, and include:

  • Profit preservation, cost savings, waste and re-work reduction, effective resource deployment
  • Reduced stress, improved morale, productivity and relationships
  • Informed strategic and tactical decision making
  • More control, better communication, coordination, more certainty, less chaos, reduced project risk


The course includes a comprehensive set of notes to the exercises, the exercises as MS PROJECT files, examples, and a 60 day trial version of the MICROSOFT PROJECT project planning software.


This course is highly recommended for Project Managers, Estimators, Schedulers, Site Supervisors, Business Owners, Project Financiers, Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Managers, Trainers, and anyone requiring the foundation knowledge, fundamental concepts and practical skills to move ahead in Project Management.


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