PPP Training

There is no other training like this. PPP training is the original. When we started this in 2006 there was almost no competition. No one else was doing it. We taught thousands of people to master these skills, and some have gone on to have careers in it. We have also taught others how to conduct the training and some of them have gone on to become our competition. We’ll wish them luck and will take that as a compliment, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

The PPP Advanced Project Management Training Course is conducted over the first four Saturday mornings of every month.

Course Dates for 2018:

  • January – 6, 13, 20, 27
  • February – 3, 10, 17, 24
  • March – 3, 10, 17, 24
  • April – 7, 14, 21, 28
  • May – 5, 12, 19, 26
  • June – 2, 9, 16, 23

Perfect Project Planning conducts a regular training program and provides training in Project Management for the public as well as customised training designed to meet client specific requirements. The foundation of Perfect Project Planning training is the PPP Advanced Project Management Training Course. Designed originally as a 16 week x 3 hours course, designed for NSW TAFE students studying for NSW Builders Registration, it has been tested and honed and condensed into 16 hours of intensive training for anyone involved in any kind of project.
Proper project planning is a rare skill which will always be in demand. You can learn it, and with practice can become an expert.

Take this course and use what you learn immediately in the workplace.

Perfect Project Planning training is focused on immediate, practical and work ready skills:

The Course

The overall objective of Perfect Project Planning training is to improve effectiveness and productivity in the project planning environment and improve project delivery. The use of the best methods and tools, in the hands of competent, knowledgeable project planning practitioners, is the only effective way to ensure project success.

Experienced industry professionals deliver the foundation course over a four-week period. Students can meet work-week commitments, and have time to review, study and practice what they have learned, compare it with their current work practices, and contact Perfect Project Planning for assistance before the next class.

After-training support is readily available. Get stuck? Don’t fret, don’t sweat. Contact us and ask a question. Problem solved, that easy.

The Price

The price of the course is $1190, including GST. Eligible candidates may qualify for financial assistance through WA government sources of training funding. Provisional enrolments for future courses can be made at any time.

For further information on course, content, fees and bookings, please contact us.

What the clients say:

  • “Trevor Rabey is the best Microsoft Project expert I have ever worked with. Almost all of the training courses, user guides, websites, videos, etc. I have used over the years provided instruction on how to perform functions in Microsoft project. I was having tremendous difficulty trying to Level a project. I received countless error messages such as “Project cannot resolve the overallocation of ……”. I followed the instructions in “show help” but the problem was never solved. I spent many days trying to fix the problem. Fortunately, I posted some questions on the Microsoft Project 2013 Community site. Trevor went above and beyond my expectations to help me resolve my issues. Trevor has years of experience troubleshooting problems with Microsoft Project and his support clearly demonstrated this. He’s learned things over the years that aren’t necessarily found in standard reference materials or training such as it’s not a good idea to start a new project using Microsoft Project 2013 when the original project was created in an earlier version of Microsoft Project. I could not think of a better resource to go to for formal Microsoft Project training. He is superb!”
    Philip Tull, Alta Via

  • The Perfect Project Planning course truly gives you the tools to employ perfect project planning techniques, and reap the rewards of doing so. I have run numerous production improvement, research and development and system implementation projects within the mining industry, and can safely say that I wish I had completed Trevor’s course 10 years ago. Perfect Project Planning allowed me to combine project management theory with how they can be achieved using MS Project and the critical path method. What’s more I really enjoyed the relaxed, enthusiastic and fun way Trevor presents. I have no doubt this course will pay dividends, in spades, for my current and future projects. Thanks Trevor.
    Rowe Palmer, Superintendent Asset Performance, Rio Tinto Iron Ore

  • “PPP training was a revelation. Before I took your course, I slogged away at MS PROJECT for ages without ever getting much out of it. Now I am confident and productive. Thank you so much!”
    Emily Tonks, Program Manager, International Humanitarian Blood Projects at The Australian Red Cross Blood Service

  • “Having just completed the course on Project Management, I thought I would take the time to inform you of my thoughts on the course. For the first couple of weeks I was a little overawed wondering if I would ever be able to get my head around the information I was getting but the reassurance of both Trevor and Brett that the penny would eventually drop and everything would fall in to place eventually came to the fore in the third week and from that point my thought pattern changed to one of extreme confidence in the course and the program, so much so that I began to generate my own projects at home spending many a happy hour at the keyboard so much so that I am considering building a log cabin!! Anyone involved in Planning as I am should in my opinion attend the course as it answers so many questions & simplifies problems and during the course the attention to detail to any problem by Trevor and Brett makes understanding the course so much easier.”
    Frank Longstaff

  • “Thank you for your dynamic lecturing and follow up support in Perfect Project Planning. Having never used Microsoft Project before, I am now a true believer. As a result we will be implementing Microsoft Project in every project that we now undertake and I would recommend PPP to any builder who wishes to remain professional and competitive to do likewise. Best wishes,”
    John Woodford, Managing Director, Glenway Homes http://www.glenwayhomes.com.au/