Terms And Conditions, Consulting


These are the terms and condition you agree to when engaging Perfect Project Planning (PPP) for consulting services, and these terms and conditions will apply until and unless amended in writing.

  • PART 1 –  Terms And Conditions Of Engagement
  • PART 2 – Client’s Problem Description
  • PART 3 – Rates, Prices


This document is provided to:
NAME On DATE at the commencement of the Initial Briefing Meeting between NAME and Perfect Project Planning (PPP).
PPP will provide Project Planning Services subject to these Terms And Conditions Of Engagement.
There will be an Initial Briefing Meeting at which the necessary introductions can be made and directions can be provided.
The scope and nature of the services will be discussed and agreed, and your instructions and directions can be conveyed to PPP.
The Initial Briefing Meeting, and other Briefing Meetings, will be charged for at the agreed rate in Part 2.
The meeting and the outcomes of the Initial Briefing Meeting will be summarized, contemporaneously, in writing.
After the initial briefing meeting, PPP will provide these Terms and Conditions Of Engagement, amended and modified as required to suit the particular circumstances of the consultancy agreement.
After the initial briefing meeting, PPP will provide a written description of the scope of the services as understood by PPP, with a request for your written agreement, and questions, queries etc as may arise.


After the Initial Briefing Meeting, PPP will provide an Initial Quote for the services in terms of scope, hours and rates.
The Initial Quote will include the deposit amount.
You must pay the deposit amount in advance on account of PPP projected fees, costs and disbursements before PPP will commence the work and the provision of the services.
You must pay other amounts in advance on account of PPP projected fees, costs and disbursements whenever reasonably requested by PPP.
You must pay for the services in accordance with all PPP invoices.
You must pay for the services in accordance with all PPP invoices, even if the services have not yet been performed.
If you do not pay, within 7 days, amounts detailed in an invoice, PPP may, at its discretion, cease to provide the services, providing you with written notice that it has done so.
PPP may charge interest on any amounts not paid at the rate specified in Part 2 of this agreement.
PPP will include a detailed and itemized description of the services associated with an invoice.
You may request further explanation, description or details of any invoice, and the services associated with it, and PPP will provide that information.
PPP invoices will include a term “E&OE” which stands for “Errors and Omissions Excepted”.
E&OE means that if PPP discovers an error or omission in an invoice, a new invoice will be issued and will supersede the invoice with the error or omission.
If PPP intends to incur any reimbursable costs on your behalf, PPP will notify you of the intention and will not incur any costs until authorized by you in writing.
If you use a Purchase Order system, you must provide PPP with a copy of the Purchase Order before the work and the provision of the services commences.


PPP will act in your best interests but will not do anything which is unethical or anything which is unlawful.
PPP will use its best endeavours to provide the services and perform the work to the highest possible standards and promptly.
PPP will make all reasonable efforts to carry out the work as soon as possible and as quickly as possible, and will make all reasonable efforts to meet any deadlines that you may advise.
Note that the work done by PPP, and the speed with which it can be done, will rely on your prompt attention to correspondence and your provision of necessary information as and when it is needed and requested.


PPP will endeavor to assign your preferred PPP representatives, as named in the initial agreement at Part 2, to carry out the work.
However, if necessary, and as required, PPP will assign others to provide the services.
PPP will provide adequate supervision and backup for any PPP staff assigned to your work.


You must provide adequate and prompt information and instructions whenever requested by PPP.
You must, if requested by PPP, advise your client of PPP’s involvement and the scope and nature of the involvement.
You must keep PPP informed of meetings and discussions that you have with your client in which the PPP work is discussed, explained, corrected, criticized etc.
PPP will attend meetings between you and your client if requested by you.
You must keep discussions and correspondence between yourself and PPP confidential.


PPP will retain, unless otherwise agreed in writing, ownership of the intellectual property generated by the work done by PPP.
Any computer files and printouts provided by PPP will contain and display the PPP name, logo and contact details.
You may not remove the PPP name, logo and contact details when re-printing the files.
You may not change the computer files without advising PPP and providing the amended files.
You may not provide 3rd parties with the computer files, except with PPP permission and consistent with any terms and conditions which attach to the permission.
The work is provided only for the particular project and only for the purposes for which it is intended and agreed at the outset of the engagement and as may be amended by mutual agreement.
You may not use or appropriate the work, or any part of it, for any other purpose.


The work by PPP is subject to your acceptance and approval.
The work by PPP is provided only for the purpose it was intended, and for no other purpose.
PPP accepts no liability for whatever use you may make of the work provided by PPP, or any of the consequences of your use of the work.
You may provide PPP with information, instructions and directions, and make suggestions, but you may not interfere with the method of doing the work.
Your involvement and participation in the work is essential, and PPP will explain the method of doing the work and answer any questions you may have about it.
PPP will keep you informed of the progress of the work, and describe what has been done as well as the remaining work to be done, at frequent intervals.
PPP may, or certainly will require your authority to request information from and issue instructions to your staff.
You must inform your staff of PPP’s role and delegated authority, and facilitate the provision of necessary information by your staff.


You may terminate this agreement and the engagement of PPP by you at any time by providing notice in writing, and such termination will be effective immediately.
PPP may terminate this agreement, and the engagement of PPP by you, at any time by providing notice in writing, and such termination will be effective immediately.
If PPP or you terminate the engagement and this agreement, PPP will provide a final invoice and settle the account from any money held, deduct any amounts due and return the balance, if any, to you.
If money held by PPP on account is insufficient to settle the account, you must pay the balance in accordance with the final invoice.
PPP will retain all work, paper prints and computer files associated with the service until all invoices are paid.

Client’s Problem Description

Include everything known about the project, in general background terms.

Include relevant specific information, such as events and dates, names etc.

Include everything known about the problems and issues, with the most pressing, most important and most urgent first.

Rates, Prices

Initial Briefing Meeting Rate: $0, 1 hour
Subsequent Briefing Meeting Rate: $150/hour
Rate: $180 per hour plus GST
Interest Rate: 5%
Payment: 7 Days From Invoice Date, Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE)
Traveling Time: TBA
Travel Expenses: TBA
Accommodation Expenses: TBA
Stationery: reimbursable at cost
Printing: reimbursable at cost
Postage: reimbursable at cost
Media: reimbursable at cost

  • Direct Deposit Preferred.