Project Audit

Perfect Project Planning specialises in auditing project management systems, with a view to discovering and correcting possible deficiencies, and providing practical recommendations on how to improve systems and reach the desired outcomes.

The Perfect Project Planning audit service focuses on specific aspects of a project control system rather than overall assessment of the project management system from a top level. Our first question will be:
“Are the systems in place the correct systems and are they being used efficiently and effectively.” From here we will be able to start breaking down the systems into manageable and auditable areas.

Project Auditing is not just about compliance with internal and external rules or statutory regulations, it is also about determining if the systems, methods and tools actually work to produce tangible results. Perfect Project Planning will work with you and your team to make sure the tools and systems are working at their optimum and providing the tangible results expected.

If your project planning and management systems are in need of a tune up, get started with Perfect Project Planning today.