Perfect Project Planning provides advice and assistance in Project Management, specialising in time, cost and scope management using modern planning methods, such as the Critical Path Method, and software tools, such as Microsoft PROJECT®.

Perfect Project Planning Consulting services can include but not limited to:

  • Project feasibility assessment
  • Project Management Systems Audit
  • Analysis and optimisation
  • Resource planning
  • Cost and cash flow
  • Progress monitoring and measurement
  • Tracking, updating, rescheduling.

In Construction?

Perfect Project Planning recommends to bring our team on board at the earliest possible planning stages of projects to ensure that potential problems are identified and prevented or avoided. This will allow for stable time-frames to be set and minimise the possibility of the project running over time. Perfect Project Planning can also assist construction companies to prepare and submit Extension Of Time claims to the relevant parties.

Project Management Systems Audit

Perfect Project Planning can provide Project Management Systems audits with recommendations on how to improve project performance.

How is our audit different from all of the others? We focus on specific aspects of a project control system rather than simply the system as a whole. We start by asking: “Does the project have sufficient systems, methods, and tools, and how well are they being used to control the project?”

We often find that where there is a system, there is room for improvement on how it is implemented and documented. The necessary methods and tools are generally readily available, it’s just a matter of harnessing them. Project Auditing is not just about compliance with internal and external rules or statutory regulations, it is also about determining if the systems, methods and tools actually work to produce tangible results. Perfect Project Planning will then work with you and your team to make sure the tools and systems are working at their optimum and providing the tangible results expected.


If your project planning and management systems are in need of a tune up, get started with Perfect Project Planning today.