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For 20 years, we have been providing consulting and training services applicable to planning, estimating, tracking, and control for all kinds of projects, mainly a wide range and variety of engineering and construction projects, but others also.

We have specialist expertise in Project Management and Project Controls, particularly scope, time, and cost management.

We use modern planning methods, such as the Critical Path Method, and software tools, especially practical and productive use of software tools such as MS PROJECT and Primavera P6, and others also.

We work in project planning, estimating, scheduling, feasibility, optimization, resource management, cost and cash flow, progress tracking, reporting, and project controls systems, including project systems audit (eg, Are project control systems in place? Are they being used? do they work? Can they be improved?).

We have delivered the PPP Advanced Project Management Training,  a core part of the business since 2005, for thousands.

Perfect Project Planning Training emphasises the development of practical and productive skills, and fluent, proficient use of the software tools.

Perfect Project Planning Training is based on a clear, rigorous understanding of the foundation concepts and principles, especially methods such as the Critical Path Method. We turn beginners and old hands alike into confident, proficient experts.

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